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Orange, Pisa

Orange, Pisa.

Acrylic on paper

19 x 28cm approx

In this #painting I wanted to pull the #design together through the use of strong connected #colour. The car and background building were already similar in hue, so I didn't have much to do in terms of alteration, but it's a good example of being switched on for #composition when out and about. We were actually dragging large suitcases across the rattling streets of #Pisa, when I noticed the colour of the car echoing the colour of the building in the background. Italy is full of these co-ordinations. It wasn't just about the colour though. The 'U' shape between the buildings dips in a bucket of blue and melts into the busy background, forcing the eye into the strongly coloured car. The #perspective accentuates the same and the limited palette ties up the painting in simplicity.

Choosing #acrylic to work with, I was able to create interest through brush strokes and occasional blends, making the car appear and disappear along its edges, generating interest. Painting for me isn't about copying a subject, it's about infusing feeling and energy, light and dark, capturing brush strokes and playing with shapes.

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26 févr. 2023
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Love the lost edges. I'm enjoying your course on Brushes very much!

27 févr. 2023
En réponse à

That's great to hear Marian. Thank you so much 😊

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